How To Clean Stubborn Crust on a Gas Stove
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      How To Clean Stubborn Crust on a Gas Stove

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      How to clean stubborn crust on a gas stove - The stove is the most frequent and prone part of a gas stove, and is prone to scorching. That's because the furnace comes in direct contact with fire and is also often exposed to melted oil from food.

      If the crusty or rusty stove is left, it will certainly be a problem, the fire that was blue becomes red. But cleaning the stove das stove is not easy, because when washed with soapy water does not disappear, even the soapy water is not foaming. That's because a lot of melted oil when cooking.

      If you are having trouble cleaning the rust of the gas stove, please try the following method.

      Here's how to remove stubborn crust on a gas stove:

      Put baking soda into a container filled with water. The size of the container must be able to immerse all parts of the gas stove furnace.Then put the gas stove furnace into a container filled with baking soda liquid, let stand overnight.After being left all night, rub the stove that moves using a wire stove that is commonly used to wash dishes using soap. If there is stubborn crust, try rubbing it a little stronger.After the gas stove is cleaned, rinse with clean water to remove the remaining soap.After cleaning, dry it immediately.Finished, the gas stove is clean and immediately put it back on the gas stove.

      That's how to clean the crusty gas stove furnace that you can try. Don't let your gas stove crust, clean it regularly.